Who is The OneUp Project?

My name is Sarah Kelsey, I am 22 years old from little ol' New Zealand and I am the host of The OneUp Project. This is a community aimed to get young people excited about sorting out the traditionally boring stuff! Financial literacy and self development is what we focus on here but without the serious crap. 
Nothing worse than trying to take ahold of your life, only to be bored to death by tired and irrelevant information! My goal is to change that completely.
I finished university completing a bachelors degree in business, majoring in accounting and after a stint at a BIG 4 accounting firm I am taking on the podcast full time.
Our education system, family and community has a responsibility to prepare us for the "real world" but that never seems to happen. I don't think this is anyones fault, if anything it is just a result of doing things the same way because that's how we have always done it right? So why change?
There are actually many cheat codes to life which we discuss on here and I can't wait to share more with you! I have interviewed over 40 industry experts, leaders, creatives and professionals in their various fields. These leaders have some great insight and we should soak up as much of it as possible! Come over and have a listen just to one episode and then let me know what you think!!
I look forward to chatting soon.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor and any individual advice should be seeked out personally by a professional in the relevant industry. The content on this website and within my episodes should be treated as general and not advice.