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A safe place to discover new perspectives on financial literacy, business, career, health & self-development in an easy to understand, relatable way! 

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Leave the boring shit behind

It is obvious that a traditional school education doesn't provide us with enough (or any) information on financial literacy and self development. And once you do start to learn outside of school - It's bland, tired and more often than not, irrelevant to your every day life.

My goal is to shake that up completely and be the resource speeding up the process to your financial and overall confidence! In one of our latest episodes I chat with Toby Pascoe on property ladder pressure and what we should be prioritising when wanting to own a property!

Can we Talk?

"Can we Talk" is a new monthly segment appearing on The OneUp Project Podcast. This is where we break down more controversial topics unrelated to career and finances.

I will begin to add more episodes around health as I widen my content but this segment allows me to open up conversations around mental illness, burnout and other issues not commonly discussed.

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A bit about me

The OneUp Project is an independent podcast covering a range of financial literacy and self development topics! I'm Sarah Kelsey and have interviewed over 50 industry professionals, leaders and creative inspirations. The pod community is a place of practical knowledge and progress. We are all about improving ourselves!

Life's basic skills shouldn't be a drag. Just because you weren't taught them growing up doesn't mean you're behind! You need to learn these things so you can focus on your real dreams rather than living week to week.

I want this to be a place where you can seek education that is authentic, relevant, relatable and easy to understand - I am learning alongside you and take you on my journey as well!